Increased Filter Life = Decreased Downtime

Air Flow Range:

Covers engine air flows from 350 to 1,400 CFM (and much higher with multiple unit installations, contact Sy-Klone for assistance).


Requires engine exhaust scavenging connection.

Precleaner Maintenance:

Stage one, the Series 9000® Precleaner, is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. The second stage requires minimal maintenance as the chamber is completely open and there are no narrow openings to become plugged. The cover is removable and is easily accessible for inspection and cleaning (if necessary).

Recommended Uses:

Agriculture, Waste, Mining, and Forestry. When you need more than the Series 9000® Precleaner and have a scavenger connection, the OPTIMAX® removes mixed and extreme debris.


Sea Level to 10,000 feet.


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