air precleaners comparison table
Engine Air Precleaner Features Series 9000® OPTIMAX®
Single-Stage Precleaning X X
Dual-Stage Precleaning   X
Routine maintenance free X X
Requires exhaust scavenger connection   X
Installation kits/parts available X X
Heavy Debris Screen available X X
Agricultural Screen available X X
Works on heavy debris, mixed debris and snow X X
Designed for extreme heavy-debris fields   X
High-altitude operation X X

Powered Precleaner Features RESPA®-SD RESPA®-SDX Gideon®Technology Powered
HVAC Fresh Air Filtration System
(replaced by RESPA-SD)
Powered Precleaner X X X X
Designed for cab HVAC systems X X X X
Pressurizes properly sealed cab X X X X
Includes Integrated Filtration X X X  
Integration into other applications       X
MERV 8 filter option (European P1) X X X  
MERV 16 filter option (European P2) X X    
HEPA filter option (European P3) X X    
Lower cost, high-tech filters X X    
Lighter weight X X    
Same mounting bolt pattern X X X  
High-heat (such as slag operations)     X X
Metal filter housing, engineered polymer precleaner housing     X  
Monolithic engineered polymer housing X X    
Cab Pressure Monitor system available X X X X
Fresh Air precleaning and filtration X X X  
Recirculation Air filtration   X    
Installation kits/parts available X X X X

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